Installation Apache Web Server on Windows 10 Manual

Install Apache Web Server to your Windows 10.

Jun 3, 2023 - 13:01
Jun 3, 2023 - 13:49
Installation Apache Web Server on Windows 10 Manual

1- Download Apache Web Server from ApacheLounge
- ApacheLounge Downloads:
- Apache 2.4.57 x64 Direct Download:

2- Create a new folder and change name it to "SERVER". For example, I created a "SERVER" Directory in my D: Drive.
When the download is complete, open the ZIP file and extract all files to your D:\SERVER directory.

Before installing the Apache Web Server Service, we will make some changes to the Apache httpd.conf file. Let's open our httpd.conf file with any text editor.

3- Open the httpd.conf file and search:

Define SRVROOT "c:/Apache24"

and change to:

Define SRVROOT "D:/SERVER/Apache"

Then, save and exit.

4. Open the Search Menu and type CMD and run it as Administrator Rights.
- You have to go Apache Folder.

Command 1: Type D: and press Enter key.
Command 2: Type cd SERVER\Apache\bin and press Enter key.
Command 3: Type httpd -k install and press Enter key, wait for the installation.
Command 4: Type httpd -k start and press Enter key and Start Apache Web Server Service.

Apache Web Server Installation on Command Prompt

That's all!

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